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Clear- Coatings

Boat Oxidation, is a major problem in the southeast,with longer and warmer summers, the sun bakes the gel-coats.     This is becoming an increasing popular thing for us, as we are one of the 'ONLY 'ones in the triad region, that spray clearcoats across existing gelcoat.        With every clearcoat, we strip the vessel of all existing hardware, sanding down to the metallic flake,Or paint..before using 3 coats of high-gloss clear.carefully wetsanding between coats, after cureing, we use high-speed buffers,creating a mirror like finish.  we guarantee y'l love it!!!!

NEW!!!!!!  We are Proudly offering "Bulldog" Clearcoats. after much re-search, and talking with experienced Paint-reps, this was our conclusion. For the customers wanting a low maintenace,highly durable finish..this is your best bet.  Its sprayed by one of our 25 year experienced body guys. We GUARANTEE, you will be happy with this option.