Restoration is Our Passion        "Bringing Lost Beauty Back"

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THE LEADER IN Affordable Restoration:

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Welcome to Teakwoodmarine!!  We are a small on-site, and in-shop company.Experienced in  Catering to many boaters throughout North and South Carolina.    We pride ourselves in being an affordable company, "Shocking" many customers with prices, a fraction of many local Marina's.....Giving you the convenience of no transportion Our on-site Team can show-up at your dock,or door. We've done many boats such as pontoons even on the water.  Our Quality is commercial -Grade. We stand behind our Work. and  Our carpets are UV resistant Marine-Grade  stuck using 3M Glues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

              How are we different, then our Local Competitors?

#2   We're the largest on-site CO. in the Region. Offering a unique, and easy solution for Pontoon/boat Carpeting.

#3 We are the only "SCORPION' certified (marine rubber spray-on liner) in NC.

#4  We Also offer Services for RV'S  Water damage Repair and Replacement. Working closely with a "Cabinet Shop" We custom design Woodwork, and Hardwood floors.

#5  We Guarantee Prices lower, then Local Marina's



Bringing "Lost" Beauty Back Let us Surprise you!!

                                                                                                         Be sure,To check out our        'Before' and 'After' Gallery


Boat Restoration'Services' We Offer:

    *Clearcoating*    *Transom-Repair*                  *Waxing        *Carpeting*            *Spray-in-rubber*            *Pin-stripeing

 *Painting* Trailer-Work* *Stereo's*


Quality Transformations
When you come to us for Restorations, we provide you with quality and reliable services at the most affordable prices. Choose from a variety of refinishing services to get your boat looking brand new again.

.Experience You Can See: 
With experience in finishing for years, We love what were doing, Its not just a business, its what we enjoy. At Teakwood Marine, we love transforming old boats into new ones,Don't believe us? Check out our 'Before & After Gallery' We have 100% HAPPY CUSTOMERS. 


               COMING SOON!!!!      Our RV Restoration Section.


Certified spray-on floors                    Certified Glues


Were Proud to Offer Services very few Marina's in the region will,or even have the ability too.

 #1# Prices,almost exactly 50% less Then Other Marina's. We'll Prove it!! Call us.

 #2# Offering *Scorpion* Spray-in Rubber Floors, 100% UV resistant, virtually ANY color.